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Introduced in 1998, the industry-leading FC100 is the most widely used fuel-cell based (alcohol-specific) ignition interlock device in the United States. 
  • Test event data is stored within and downloaded by Service Provider to secure online central system for efficient, scheduled reporting to authorities
  • Direct wiring to ignition systems by qualified installers
  • Modest design that fits well in your hand and vehicle 

Program Cost: $2.00 - $2.50 per day

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FC100 Ignition Interlock With Camera

The proven FC100 Ignition Interlock is interfaced with our exclusive patent-pending target-tracking camera system.

Wireless with camera

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  • Daily alcohol consumption monitoring and reporting
  • Real-time reporting of violations and vehicle location
  • Indicator light signals handset-to-camera link, enabling test to begin
  • Separately mounted near the rearview mirror without obstructing driver's view
  • Section-cup mounted camera holds securely to windshield
  • Double-ball adjustments securely focus on the designated driver in the designated vehicle 
  • Target-tracking device must remain in view of camera throughout test sequence
  • Programmable test times for cost-effective alcohol consumption monitoring
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The interlock device introducing a new generation of functionality for clients and referring authorities – in a discreet, carry-along form. The FC200’s dual-sensor engineering enables: 
     1)  Pre-test to screen against false positive mouth-alcohol readings
     2)  Separate deep lung test to start vehicle 
     3)  Evidential quality testing for general alcohol consumption monitoring
Program Cost: $2.25 - $2.75 per day
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Portable HMU

  • The LifeSafer Portable & Home Monitoring Unit, when used in conjunction with our ignition interlock device, can provide individuals the opportunity to stay employed, licensed and able to undergo treatment in lieu of jail or prison time.
  • The daily cost is less than a beer in a bar… Making the LifeSafer Portable and Home Alcohol Monitoring Unit affordable for long-term use, as a condition of probation – rather than a short-term alternative to incarceration. 

The LifeSaver Portable & Home Monitoring Unit offers the ability to obtain evidential breath-alcohol test results with Positive ID to ensure compliance with the terms of abstinence programs.

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